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if you watch stand-up, we're probably set up for a fantastic broship. 22 year old portuguese law graduate, civ 5 addict, comedy junky, wanna-be arbitrator and i really do know a shit load about cows.





I like how the original title for The Fault in Our Stars is all poetic and then the Norwegians just translated it to “fuck destiny” and I think that’s beautiful

Aw man, I thought for sure this had to be bullshit but nope


Why is it always Norway

Norway, a nation where you can put the word “fuck” on the cover of a young adult novel.

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Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow


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Most writers were the kids who easily, almost automatically, got A’s in English class. (There are exceptions, but they often also seem to be exceptions to the general writerly habit of putting off writing as long as possible.) At an early age, when grammar school teachers were struggling to inculcate the lesson that effort was the main key to success in school, these future scribblers gave the obvious lie to this assertion. Where others read haltingly, they were plowing two grades ahead in the reading workbooks. These are the kids who turned in a completed YA novel for their fifth-grade project. It isn’t that they never failed, but at a very early age, they didn’t have to fail much; their natural talents kept them at the head of the class.

This teaches a very bad, very false lesson: that success in work mostly depends on natural talent. Unfortunately, when you are a professional writer, you are competing with all the other kids who were at the top of their English classes. Your stuff may not—indeed, probably won’t—be the best anymore.

If you’ve spent most of your life cruising ahead on natural ability, doing what came easily and quickly, every word you write becomes a test of just how much ability you have, every article a referendum on how good a writer you are. As long as you have not written that article, that speech, that novel, it could still be good. Before you take to the keys, you are Proust and Oscar Wilde and George Orwell all rolled up into one delicious package. By the time you’re finished, you’re more like one of those 1940’s pulp hacks who strung hundred-page paragraphs together with semicolons because it was too much effort to figure out where the sentence should end.

Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators - Megan McArdle - The Atlantic

The Why Writing Is So Hard field of psychology is very interesting to me.

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gpoy. fuck “natural talent” in its eyeball. 

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I had natural talent. And I am the worst procrastinator. Fortunately, there are Deadlines.

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I think I’d read this before, but this part just grabbed me:

“The kids who race ahead in the readers without much supervision get praised for being smart,” says Dweck. “What are they learning? They’re learning that being smart is not about overcoming tough challenges. It’s about finding work easy. When they get to college or graduate school and it starts being hard, they don’t necessarily know how to deal with that.”

That was me, through and through, and I’m not even a millenial.

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This is so descriptive of me it hurts.

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The Wizard of Oz by Lorena Alvarez Gómez (Part I)

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Joseba Eskubi.

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Jesus fucking Christ, now not arresting every black kid that was at the mall is being called condescending racism, because the cops were ‘too afraid to take charge for fear of racism’. God this country is shot to hell, fucking racist pricks.

And of course, some man had to barge in and say that women deserve to be beaten because they have female power that allows them to steal their husbands money on divorce.

Of course.

Fuck my life.

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I think that if they do it right, it will be very interesting to see how Scott develops. Like, I know people are saying that he might become a Demon Alpha li,e the other guy whose name I can’t write, but I think that there are two paths for an Alpha - the Talia path and the other path. And for Scott, who became an Alpha by his own nature, by being the guy who wants to save everyone and will sacrifice himself for the greater good but has watched Allison die, his friends fall apart it will be hard. Like, he’s afraid to his own strength.

But at the same time, his own  ’gotta save’em all’ nature is the very thing that is turning him to a darker path - he thinks if he had been stronger, he could have saved more people, especially Allison and he thinks he has to be stronger to keep everyone safe, since he’s the Alpha and the only way to do that is to become more ‘wolf’. Because, really, that’s all he’s learned - that if he uses his powers, he can help people and they expect him to be strong and powerful and that giving into the wolf is the way to do it.

Kindness and happiness have not been really present in his life as of late, and the boy is struggling between wanting to be good and wanting to be strong and that’s a very easy thing to turn badly, especially if you’ve just lost someone really important to you. You want to harden yourself, to be better, stronger and faster. And having the extra weight of responsibility on top of him, for a teenager, it’s hell.

Peter’s plan is perfect - he created a situation in which Scott would be put in a position that forces him to be stronger, while angry at the world over everything that is going on and make his desire to be able to be a protector that doesn’t fail grow even larger and fill him with frustration and anger. I think it’s obvious that Scott will become a Talia like wolf, someone who is the best because they have ~good~ hearts (good is very relative but someone who doesn’t give into anger and frustration like Peter and the other dude).

It’s obvious Scott won’t fall to the dark side - it’s a teen show, I doubt they’ll go that dark - but I think it will make for interesting episodes watching him struggle.

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Peter, your plans a seriously flawed, not only could Scott whoop that ass but if word gets out that you plan on killing him, Supernaturals from all over will be like 

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when someone shows you the receipts of your fav being problematic



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You may remember the story of how the devil and a friend of his were walking down the street, when they saw ahead of them a man stoop down and pick up something from the ground, look at it, and put it away in his pocket. The friend said to the devil, “What did that man pick up?” “He picked up a piece of Truth,” said the devil. “That is a very bad business for you, then,” said his friend. “Oh, not at all,” the devil replied, “I am going to help him organize it.”

I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path. If you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion, to be imposed on others. This is what everyone throughout the world is attempting to do. Truth is narrowed down and made a plaything for those who are weak, for those who are only momentarily discontented. Truth cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley. If you would attain to the mountain-top you must pass through the valley, climb the steeps, unafraid of the dangerous precipices.

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